What are the Aurora Borealis? (Northern Lights)

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), one of the most magnificent natural phenomena, usually appears in the night sky between end of August and April. Like with many other natural phenomena, Northern Lights have appeared in a number of myths and tales. Some people say that Aurora Borealis is spirits moving across heaven. Or that they are reflections of the shields of the mythical female warrior Valkyrie. Another legend goes that they are sparks from a foxes’ tail hitting a top of a fell.

Nowadays scientists know that Aurora Borealis is caused by solar winds hitting Earth’s upper atmosphere about 100 km high in the sky. The Earth’s magnetic field directs the flow of electrons from the sun to the magnetosphere above the magnetic North and South Pole. This is the reason that best places to see Auroras are above the Arctic Circles. Statistically the best time for seeing auroras is just before the midnight.

Northern Lights occur also in the summer, but the Midnight Sun and the light sky of the summer nights prevents us from seeing them. Hotel Kakslauttanen offers a very good opportunity to see Aurora Borealis, as it is located 250 km above the Arctic Circle and there are is very light pollution. One of the best way to see Aurora Borealis is to spend a night in our unique Glass Igloo. Aurora Borealis are visible from late August till late April.

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